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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Dec-2018All have stake in farmers’ welfare. Let’s ensure itChaudhary, Vishavjeet
8-Jan-2018Appointing judges is a tricky taskChaudhary, Vishavjeet
8-Feb-2017Be prepared to pay the price of freedomChaudhary, Vishavjeet
15-Mar-2019Brexit, the great British disaster: next few days crucial for both UK and EUChaudhary, Vishavjeet
12-Sep-2017Courts’ recent rulings are a reminder of the judiciary’s importanceChaudhary, Vishavjeet
-Death penalty no deterrence.Chaudhary, Vishavjeet
29-Sep-2018Democracy and courtroomsChaudhary, Vishavjeet
May-2018Karnataka: Democracy on trialChaudhary, Vishavjeet
2-Jun-2019Law lacks bite to tackle cyberbullyingChaudhary, Vishavjeet
Nov-2018Le procès par jury en Inde : un droit fondamental ?Chaudhary, Vishavjeet
14-Oct-2017Lessons from Aarushi caseChaudhary, Vishavjeet
15-Mar-2019Mediation worth a try to resolve Ayodhya disputeChaudhary, Vishavjeet
9-May-2017Mission 2022: the challenges of doubling Indian farmer incomes in five yearsChaudhary, Vishavjeet; Singh, Gursharan
26-Feb-2017Performances in law: a lesson from literatureChaudhary, Vishavjeet
3-Dec-2018President’s rule: a need to reassess the office of the governorChaudhary, Vishavjeet; Jaiswal, Raunaq
6-Dec-2017Rohingya saga: India on trialChaudhary, Vishavjeet
30-Jan-2019Sajjan Kumar case: the long quest for justice and lessons to learnChaudhary, Vishavjeet
31-Jul-2017There are no easy answers when it comes to India’s right to privacyChaudhary, Vishavjeet
1-Feb-2021The transformative constitution: A Radical Biography in Nine Acts by Gautam Bhatia [Book Review]Gangwar, Shivangi; Chaudhary, Vishavjeet
22-Oct-2020The US Supreme Court appointment conundrumJaiswal, Raunaq; Chaudhary, Vishavjeet