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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2021Arguing fundamental rights status to sports in India: A comparative analysisChanda, Subhrajit; Singh, Avinash
10-May-2021Born April 18, died April 20: The spectacular fall of European super league and its aftermathChanda, Subhrajit
13-Sep-2021Contouring E-doping: A menace to sportsmanship in E-sportsChanda, Subhrajit; Tarun; Star, Shaun
27-May-2021A drama of 72 hours: Lessons to be learnt from the failed European super leagueChanda, Subhrajit; Saha, Kingshuk
7-Nov-2020Equality in sports: A transgender perspectiveChanda, Subhrajit
6-Nov-2021Handbook: Developing sports law in India: A challenge aheadChanda, Subhrajit
27-May-2021Intersection of Islam and modern sports lawChanda, Subhrajit; Sheokand, Nishant
13-Oct-2021Removing barriers in the 21st Century of world politics through the medium of strategic communication and sports lawChanda, Subhrajit; Sayyed, Hifajatali; Saha, Kingshuk
14-Oct-2021Space debris mitigation: Some lessons from international environmental lawHosseini, Seyed Mohammad; Fathpour, Fatemeh; Chanda, Subhrajit
29-Apr-2021The sporting arena – Monthly Sports Law interview series (April)Chanda, Subhrajit
1-Jan-2020SPORTS LAW & POLICY IN PRESENT GLOBAL SCENARIOSingh, Avinash; Chanda, Subhrajit; Jedrazejwski, Sebastian
5-Oct-2021Structure and competence of the court of arbitration for sport (CAS) in the settlement of sport disputesMohammadi, Mehrdad; Chanda, Subhrajit; Saha, Kingshuk
10-Nov-2021Technolegosprudence and its challenges: Investigating its relevance in the 21st CenturyPathan, Azimkhan B.; Chanda, Subhrajit
31-Mar-2021Time to be grown-ups about e-doping ?Chanda, Subhrajit; Vuyyuru, Tharun Rana
27-Apr-2021Trans-sexuality right a new era of challenge at 21st century of sportsChanda, Subhrajit; Singh, Avinash
24-Mar-2021Why Indian budget 2021 is a crush toward Indian gaming sector?Chanda, Subhrajit