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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jan-2019The constitutional case against the citizenship amendment billBhat, Mohsin Alam
17-Jul-2020The crime vanishes: Mob lynching, hate crime, and police discretion in IndiaBhat, Mohsin Alam; Bajaj, Vidisha; Kumar, Sanjana Arvind
Apr-2020Hate crimes in IndiaBhat, Mohsin Alam
19-Apr-2019‘Hindutva terror’ acquittals expose India’s deeply compromised criminal justice systemBhat, Mohsin Alam; Mander, Harsh
19-May-2019It's about social justice, not welfare: reservation must be based on a rigorous identification of economic backwardnessShariff, Abusaleh; Bhat, Mohsin Alam
26-Mar-2019Kashmir has ignored its juvenile justice law for years and is now moving to weaken itBhat, Mohsin Alam
7-Jan-2021The NRC in Assam doesn’t just violate human rights of millions – it also breaks international lawBhat, Mohsin Alam; Yadav, Aashish
30-Jan-2019On the NRC, even the supreme court is helplessBhat, Mohsin Alam
2018Purgatory in Kashmir: Violation of juvenile justice in the Indian Jammu and KashmirBhat, Mohsin Alam; Mander, Suroor
18-May-2019Reservation must be based on a rigorous identification of economic backwardnessBhat, Mohsin Alam; Shariff, Abusaleh
4-Nov-2018Up to 15% of voters left out of rolls, without even a fair hearingBhat, Mohsin Alam
6-Jan-2021What India legally owes 1.9 million people held as non-citizensBhat, Mohsin Alam; Yadav, Aashish
4-Jun-2019Why a PIL on women’s entry at the Nizamuddin dargah cannot be compared to SabarimalaBhat, Mohsin Alam