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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2022Analyzing online consumer purchase psychology through hybrid machine learningSrivastava, Praveen Ranjan; Eachempati, Prajwal; Panigrahi, Ritanjali; Behl, Abhishek; Pereira, Vijay
30-Jun-2021Digital supply chain to unlock new agility: a TISM approachChoudhury, Akanksha; Behl, Abhishek; Sheorey, Pratima; Pal, Abhinav
16-May-2021Effect of social capital on agribusiness diversification intention in the emerging marketLe Dang, Lang; Behl, Abhishek; Nguyen, Dong; Temouri, Yama; Thu, Nguyen
15-Jul-2021Empirical Investigation of Participation on Crowdsourcing Platforms: A Gamified ApproachBehl, Abhishek; Sheorey, Pratima; Chavan, Meena; Jain, Kokil; Jajodia, Isha
5-Jan-2021Enabling artificial intelligence on a donation-based crowdfunding platform: a theoretical approachBehl, Abhishek; Dutta, Pankaj; Luo, Zongowei; Shorey, Pratima
26-Aug-2021Exploring human resource work design, learning mechanism and TQM: through the lens of activity theory and contextual learning theoryAjgaonkar, Suchitra; Neelam, Netra; Behl, Abhishek; Dao, Le Trung; Lang, De Lang
10-Jul-2021Exploring the relationship of ESG score and firm value using cross-lagged panel analyses: case of the Indian energy sectorBehl, Abhishek; Kumari, P S; Makhija, Harnesh; Sharma, Dipasha
21-Sep-2021The framework of talent analytics using big dataSaputra, Arnold; Wang, Gunawan; Zhang, Justin; Behl, Abhishek
18-Oct-2021Gamification and gigification: A multidimensional theoretical approachBehl, Abhishek; Jayawardena, Nirma; Ishizaka, Alessio; Gupta, Manish; Shankar, Amit
20-Jul-2021Gamifying human computer interaction for young consumers (Guest Editorial)Behl, Abhishek; Zhang, Justin
23-Jun-2021Gamifying the gig: transitioning the dark side to bright side of online engagementBehl, Abhishek; Sheorey, Pratima; Jain, Kokil; Chavan, Meena; Jajodia, Isha; Zhang, Zuopeng
15-Apr-2021Guest editorial preface : Special issue on data analytics in humanitarian supply chain and disaster relief operations under risk and uncertaintyDutta, Pankaj; Behl, Abhishek; Nayak, Sushma
10-Aug-2021Guest Editorial: Application of blockchain technologies for global operationsBehl, Abhishek; Gunasekaran, Angappa; Singh, Rajesh; Kamble, Sachin
19-Aug-2021How does convenience impact showrooming intention? Omnichannel retail strategies to manage global retail apocalypseShankar, Amit; Gupta, Manish; Tiwari, Aviral; Behl, Abhishek
15-Sep-2021Measuring the effectiveness and impact of COVID-19 health policies on firms and UNSDGs: evidence from ChinaYang, Minhua; Ramiah, Vikash; Pereira, Vijay; Temouri, Yama; Behl, Abhishek
7-Sep-2022A meta-analysis of antecedents and consequences of eWOM credibility: Investigation of moderating role of culture and platform typeVerma, Deepak; Dewani, Prem Prakash; Behl, Abhishek; Pereira, Vijay; Dwivedi, Yogesh; Del Giudice, Manilo
23-Dec-2020A mindful path to the COVID-19 pandemic: an approach to promote physical distancing behaviorKumar, Sachin; Panda, Tapan K; Behl, Abhishek; Kumar, Anil
2-Sep-2021Prevention is better than cure: challenges in engaging employees through gamificationGupta, Manish; Behl, Abhishek; Kumar, YLN
8-Oct-2021Productivity of gig workers on crowdsourcing platforms through artificial intelligence and gamification: a multi-theoretical approachBehl, Abhishek; Sampat, Brinda; Raj, Sahil
5-Jul-2021The role of organizational culture and voluntariness in the adoption of artificial intelligence for disaster relief operationsBehl, Abhishek; Chavan, Meena; Jain, Kokil; Pereira, Vijay; Zhang, Justin