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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2016Advancing South-South cooperation in education and skills development: lessons from the fieldVazquez, Karin; Lucey, Amanda; Jindal School of International Affairs
Oct-2017Building Infrastructure for 21st Century Sustainable Development: Lessons and Opportunities for the BRICS-led New Development BankVazquez, Karin; Roychoudhury, Supriya; Borges, Caio; O. P. Jindal Global University
25-Jul-2018Can the BRICS propose a new development paradigm?Vazquez, Karin
Apr-2019Innovating triangular cooperationVazquez, Karin; Khan, Mak; Izmestiev, Artemy
31-Dec-2016Mix and Match? How countries deliver development cooperation and lessons for ChinaVazquez, Karin; Xiaojin, Mao; Yao, Shuai
5-Sep-2017New Development Bank is BRICS best cardVazquez, Karin; Roychoudhury, Supriya; Borges, Caio
6-Sep-2017New development bank is BRICS best card 新开发银行是金砖国家的王牌Vazquez, Karin; Roychoudhury, Supriya; Borges, Caio
2014South-South and triangular cooperation: emerging opportunities for think tank consultation’Vazquez, Karin
30-Jun-2017South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Towards Sustainable Development in Arab StatesVazquez, Karin
18-Mar-2016South-South Cooperation in Technologies for Climate Change AdaptationVazquez, Karin; Jindal School of International Affairs
Jan-2015South-South knowledge transfer: Transferring knowledge and building capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean | Transferencia de conocimiento Sur-Sur: Transfiriendo conocimientos y construyendo capacidades en América Latina y el CaribeVazquez, Karin; IADB; Interamerican Development Bank
11-Dec-2018What future for South-South cooperation?Vazquez, Karin
9-May-2016What is new about the BRICS-led New Development Bank?Roychoudhury, Supriya; Vazquez, Karin
6-Sep-2017新开发银行是金砖国家的王牌Vazquez, Karin; Roychoudhury, Supriya; Borges, Caio; School