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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Fighting india’s war on carbon with an emissions trading programJanghu, Shubham; Rosencranz, Armin
May-2018Hasty and ill-conceived.Goyal, Mitakshara; Rosencranz, Armin
31-Dec-2015Illegal smuggling of ozone-depleting substancesRosencranz, Armin; Johar, Siddharth
11-Mar-2019Internationally cooperative solutions to the deteriorating situation in AntarticaRosencranz, Armin; Kaul, D.K.; Vora, Aditya
2018Judicial discord and the NJAC judgmentRosencranz, Armin; Goyal, Mitakshara
31-Dec-2017Last of the megaherbivoresRosencranz, Armin
2017Mining cases in India with a special focus on VedantaRosencranz, Armin; Shishodia, Manan
9-Sep-2019A minor win for India at WTORosencranz, Armin; Vora, Aditya
Jun-2018N-power could fuel Mr Modi’s dream.Salot, Aaron; Rosencranz, Armin
2018Preserving Panna’s tigersRosencranz, Armin; Parab, Sangram
31-Dec-2016Public trust doctrine: a comparative analysisRosencranz, Armin; Vora, Aditya
Apr-2018Regulation a must for electric rickshaws.Rosencranz, Armin; Raj, Nitish
2018Religiosity isn’t really greenRosencranz, Armin; Nath, Raghuveer
16-Oct-2018So far, justice adarsh goel's tenure as NGT chief has been promisingRosencranz, Armin
2018Socio-political and environmental impact of frackingRosencranz, Armin; Janghu, Shubham
2018Solar energy from a devastated site.Rosencranz, Armin; Zlenko, Dmytro
18-Apr-2019A struggle to breatheRosencranz, Armin; Raj, Nitish
16-Mar-2019Time we did away with death penaltyRosencranz, Armin; Dhawan, Sachin
31-Dec-2015Waste to energy projects: comparing approachesRosencranz, Armin; Bhati, Harsh Vardhan
May-2018Welcoming the decision legalising passive euthanasia.Rosencranz, Armin; Goyal, Mitakshara