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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2013Blood across borders: the role of the kin-state in minority protectionPopovski, Vesselin; Turner, Nicholas
2016Boko Haram's attacks and the people's response: a fourth pillar of the responsibility to protect?Popovski, Vesselin; Maiangwa, Benjamin; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2013Complexity and effectiveness of transitional justice in Latin America and Eastern EuropePopovski, Vesselin
31-Dec-2011Concepts of responsibility to protect and protection of civilians: ‘Sisters, but not Twins’Popovski, Vesselin; JGLS
31-Dec-2016Corporate responsibility to protect populations from mass atrocitiesPopovski, Vesselin
Nov-2020Covid-19 & Environmental SustainabilityPopovski, Vesselin
23-Sep-2015De-mythologizing peacekeepingPopovski, Vesselin
1-Feb-2010Democracy in the south: participation, the state and the peoplePopovski, Vesselin; Howe, Brendan; Notaras, Mark
31-Dec-2015Ethical values and global carbon integrity systemQueensland University of Technology; Maguire, Rowena; Popovski, Vesselin; Breakey, Hugh; JGLS; Griffith University; Jindal Global Law School
19-Dec-2018The global approaches and the future of peace researchPopovski, Vesselin
31-Dec-2010Human rights regimes in the Americas: progress, challenges and prospectsSerrano, Monica; Popovski, Vesselin
4-Feb-2014International rule of law and professional ethicsPopovski, Vesselin
31-Dec-2009IntroductionPopovski, Vesselin
31-Dec-2014Legislative role of the Security Council's thematic resolutionsPopovski, Vesselin; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2009Norms of war in cross-religious perspectiveReichberg, Gregory M; Turner, Nicholas; Popovski, Vesselin
4-Jan-2019The palgrave handbook of global approaches to peacePopovski, Vesselin; Kulnazarova, Aigul
2018Raphel Lemkin: inventing and codifying genocidePopovski, Vesselin
31-Dec-2009Religion and warPopovski, Vesselin
31-Dec-2014State negligence before and after natural disasters as human rights violationsPopovski, Vesselin
31-Dec-2016State-society relationship in Eastern Europe and world politicsPopovski, Vesselin; Jindal Global Law School