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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-201845 Years of Sri Lanka – Bangladesh diplomatic relations: A solid partnership for progressFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
13-Feb-2019As India celebrates 70 years as a republic , Sri Lanka's role in solidifying these bondsFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
20-Dec-2018EU-Sri Lanka: a new direction in economic diplomacyFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
31-Jan-2019Haiti Economic Lift Program (HELP): unlocking potential for South Asian apparel manufacturersFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
27-Sep-2018New economic diplomacy in South Asia: India should focus on neighboursFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
13-Mar-2019Norway-Sri Lanka diplomacy: trade beyond aid as a pragmatic approach for future collaborationFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
3-Oct-2018Political stability In South Asia: solih-led opposition brings democratic transition to maldives – OpEdFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
1-Jun-2019The role of India's ‘neighbourhood first’ foreign policy in reshaping Indo-Lanka tiesFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
28-Sep-2018SAARC nations need compromise, shared vision to revive South Asia's fortunes.Fernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
4-Oct-2018SAARC nations need compromise, shared vision.Fernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
15-Aug-2019Sri Lanka and the Maldives at 54: a new foreign policy agenda for neighbourly islandsFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
16-Mar-2019Sri Lanka-Norway ties: need to look beyond aid diplomacyFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
30-Jan-2019Sri Lanka-South Africa diplomacy at 25: forging a new pathway towards SAARC-SADC cooperationFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
5-Oct-2019Sri Lankan presidential hopefuls and their stand on welfare policiesFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
17-Sep-2019Sri Lankas presidential election: Pragmatic foreign policy options for 2020Fernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
10-Feb-2019Sri Lanka’s port development: The growth engine of the nationFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
29-Nov-2019Sri Lanka’s water resource management: New government should translate promise into actionFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
5-Sep-2019Vatican diplomacy can help Sri Lanka leverage its strengthsFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly