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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Mar-2020Coronavirus: The great levellerMohan, Deepanshu
18-Mar-2020COVID-19 and the most vulnerableMohan, Deepanshu
23-Feb-2020COVID-19 could hit the economy hardMohan, Deepanshu
15-Apr-2020COVID-19 Crisis Will Open up Opportunities for India's Pharma Industry that Must Be SeizedMohan, Deepanshu; Gupta, Samarth
28-May-2020A decentralized growth model for statesMohan, Deepanshu
2018Decoding India’s Budget 2018: Hope and promise sans reality?Mohan, Deepanshu
11-Feb-2020Depoliticize fiscal policy to tackle economic challengesMohan, Deepanshu
26-Feb-2019The disruptive rise of big tech firms and its effectsMohan, Deepanshu
1-Mar-2020Economic survey 2020: Promise for better employment and integration in global trade marketsMohan, Deepanshu
16-Oct-2019Economics nobel rewards curiosityMohan, Deepanshu
7-May-2019The economics of uncertaintyMohan, Deepanshu
8-Nov-2018Even in the National Capital Region, women struggle to access healthcareRai, Shivkrit; Mohan, Deepanshu
28-May-2020Examining China and India’s Path to a Gender- (Im)Balanced Growth: Reflections from the Post-Reform ErasManivannan, Srivatsan; Mohan, Deepanshu
31-Dec-2015Explicating on the need for sub-national economic activismMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Mohan, Deepanshu
14-Apr-2019The feminist in AmbedkarMohan, Deepanshu
31-Dec-2014Financial crises in historical perspective: comparing the US and UK monetary policy responses to the crises of 1929 & 2008Mohan, Deepanshu; Jindal School of International Affairs
31-Dec-2014Financial liberalization in India: the return of an old familiar ghost- Washington ConsensusMohan, Deepanshu; Jindal School of International Affairs
17-Sep-2019The FM ’s last mile gambitMohan, Deepanshu
14-May-2020FM’s Liquidity Booster is Welcome, But Now Attention Must Turn to Reviving DemandMohan, Deepanshu
21-May-2020For India to Become Atmanirbhar in 10 Years, Do Indians Have to be Atmanirbhar Now?Mohan, Deepanshu