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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2010Globalization of legal knowledgeKanwar, Vik; Singh, Prabhakar; JGLS; JGLS
31-Dec-2013Heteronormative state and the right to health in IndiaJain, Dipika; Rhoten, Kimberly; JGLS; JGLS
31-Dec-2012Human rights and human security implications of disasters: critical perspectives on law and governanceRaj Kumar, C; JGLS
31-Dec-2012Human rights crisis of public health policy: comparative perspectives on the protection and promotion of economic and social rightsRaj Kumar, C; JGLS
31-Dec-2013India's winter of discontent: some feminist dilemmas in the wake of a rapeDutta, Debolina; Sircar, Oishik; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
21-Aug-2017The internationalisation of Chinese NGOs and their engagement with the United NationsZhang, Wenjuan; JGLS
31-Dec-2011Interpreting the Constitution: Supreme Court constitution benches since independenceRobinson, Nick; Agarwal, Anjana; Bhandari, Vrinda; Goel, Ankit; Kakkar, Karishma; Muthalaly, Reeba; Shivakumar, Vivek; Sreekumar, Meera; Sreenivasan, Surya; Viswanathan, Shruti; JGLS
Oct-2017Introduction to the JGLR special issue on standardization, patents and competition issues: global developments and perspectivesBharadwaj, Ashish; Gupta, Indranath; Tripathy, Sunita; JGLS; JGLS; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School Jindal Global Law School
31-Mar-2015IPR education in India: case for reformsBharadwaj, Ashish; Banerjee, Arpan; JGLS; JGLS
31-Dec-2013Is the National Pharmaceutical Policy, 2012 really cheering the pharma?Jain, Dipika; JGLS
31-Dec-2012Le Cachemire : peuple sans Etat ?Kishore, Pallavi; JGLS
-Legal literacy projects: clinical experience of empowering the poor in IndiaPandey, Ajay; Shukkur, Sheena; JGLS; MG University; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2013Linking democracy and corporate governance: tracing the rootHazarika, Anjana; JGLS
31-Dec-2012Macbeth’s three witches: capitalism, common good, and international lawSingh, Prabhakar; JGLS
31-Dec-2015Making claims to tradition: poetics and politics in the works of young Maithil paintersSingh, Mani Shekhar; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2010Martha Nussbaum's capabilities approach: perils and promisesVashist, Latika; JGLS
31-Dec-2011Modernity and international law: Mythological materilism in the East-West TelosSingh, Prabhakar; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2013Naming, shaming and filing: harnessing India’s capacity for WTO dispute settlementNedumpara, James J.; JGLS
31-Dec-2006National human rights institutions (NHRIs) and economic, social and cultural rights: toward the institutionalization and developmentalization of human rightsRaj Kumar, C; JGLS
31-Dec-2013Neoliberal modernity and the ambiguity of its discontents: post/anti-colonial disruptions of queer imperialismSircar, Oishik; Jain, Dipika; JGLS