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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2019Author Talk and Book Discussion With Professor (Dr.) Nehginpao KipgenGlobal Library
8-Apr-2016Author Talk and Book Discussion With Professor (Dr.) Nehginpao Kipgen, Professor (Dr.) Sreeram Chaulia, Professor R Sudarshan, and Professor (Dr.) Gitanjali SurendranGlobal Library
13-May-2015Author Talk and Book Discussion With Professor (Dr.) Shounak Roy Chowdhury and Mr. Buddhi Prakash Chauhan (Video)Global Library
2016Author's talk by Professor C. Gopinath : PhotographsGlobal Library
30-Mar-2016Author's talk by Professor C. Gopinath: VideoGlobal Library
26-Jun-2019Author's talk by Professor(Dr.) Gopa NayakGlobal Library
28-Jun-2019Author's talk by Professor(Dr.) Saikat Majumdar VideoGlobal Library
5-Jun-2020Biodiversity : Special display of eBooks, Books and VideosGlobal Library
14-Aug-2019Books Exhibition on August 21-22, 2019Global Library
2021Cambridge University Journals (for APC waiver publication on subscribed Gold open access and Hybrid journals)Global Library
30-Jul-2020Certification Series on Researcher's PlatformGlobal Library
6-Nov-2019China : A special display of booksGlobal Library
29-Jun-2020China A special display of eBooks, Book and VideosGlobal Library
20-Apr-2019Copyright : a special display of books & videosGlobal Library
11-Sep-2020Coverage of Court Judgments in Subscribed databasesGlobal Library
3-Dec-2019Disability : A Special Display of Books and VideosGlobal Library
11-Sep-2020Electronic Legal Resources - Connectors/ Symbols/ CommandsGlobal Library
4-Jun-2019Environmental Pollution and Law : A special display of books and videosGlobal Library
13-Jan-2021Exhibition of Books authored by Dr. Shashi TharoorGlobal Library
30-Mar-2019Famous Legal Luminaries (A special display of books)Global Library