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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Aug-2018The path to excellenceBharadwaj, Ashish; Kumar, C. Raj
30-Jun-2018Pharma pricing: Trade margin rationalization a game changerBharadwaj, Ashish; Bhushan, Shruti
Sep-2018Philips v Bansal and Bhagirathi Electronics: India’s first decision on the infringement of a standard essential patentBharadwaj, Ashish; Jain, Srajan
2016Phones that are too smart for the lawBharadwaj, Ashish; Gupta, Indranath
Feb-2016Psychology of innovation: Innovating human psychologyBharadwaj, Ashish; Manasi, Kumar; Jindal Global Law School
22-Nov-2017Regulating NGOs and foreign influence in India and ChinaBharadwaj, Ashish; Mandal, Saptarshi
-Regulating standard essential patents in implementer-oriented countries: Insights from Japan and IndiaBharadwaj, Ashish; Yoshioka-Kobayashi, T
May-2018Reward innovation.Bharadwaj, Ashish; Chawla, Punkhuri
2018A robust IPR regime is necessary for growthBharadwaj, Ashish
2016Safeguarding confidential business information is not anti-competitiveBharadwaj, Ashish
20-Mar-2019A single spark can start a Prairie Fire: Implications of the 2015 amendments to IEEE-SAs patent policyBharadwaj, Ashish; Singh, Manveen
2017Software patents and CRI guidelinesBharadwaj, Ashish
17-Dec-2018South African IPR policy: myopic vision for momentary gainsBharadwaj, Ashish
27-Mar-2019Tech Solutions for bank NPAsBharadwaj, Ashish; Goel, Shalini
31-Dec-2015Technological and socio-economic issues in the global automobile industryBharadwaj, Ashish; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
-Ten legal & policy developments in the global mobile communication industryBharadwaj, Ashish
2016Time to pause and rethink – patent policy of IEEE and make in IndiaBharadwaj, Ashish
2016The truth behind shifting focus on education in IndiaBharadwaj, Ashish; Srivastava, Anamika
4-Apr-2019Two decades of the mighty 3GPPBharadwaj, Ashish; Kaul, D. K
2017Who is riding the patent char(IoT) in India? Insights from IoT landscape studyBharadwaj, Ashish