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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017International evidence suggests we understand, embrace and protect IP rights in IndiaBharadwaj, Ashish
Oct-2017Introduction to the JGLR special issue on standardization, patents and competition issues: global developments and perspectivesBharadwaj, Ashish; Gupta, Indranath; Tripathy, Sunita; JGLS; JGLS; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School Jindal Global Law School
2018Introduction: Complications and quandaries in the ICT sectorBharadwaj, Ashish; Devaiah, Vishwas H; Gupta, Indranath
29-Mar-2018IP market expansion: Need a robust IPR ecosystemBharadwaj, Ashish
31-Mar-2015IPR education in India: case for reformsBharadwaj, Ashish; Banerjee, Arpan; JGLS; JGLS
2016Is the SEP, FRAND debate a battle of diverse business models?Bharadwaj, Ashish
15-Apr-2018Japanese and the European approach for facilitating future licensing in standard essential patentsBharadwaj, Ashish
27-Mar-2018Justice cannot be blind to the economyBharadwaj, Ashish
2018Look for proof.Bharadwaj, Ashish
2017M2M and GSM are indispensible for IoT-enabled rural developmentBharadwaj, Ashish; Goyal, Richa
-Multi-dimensional Approaches Towards New Technology Insights on Innovation, Patents and CompetitionBharadwaj, Ashish
2017A note on the neglected issue of reverse patent holdupBharadwaj, Ashish
2018NPPA must balance access with innovation.Bharadwaj, Ashish
23-Oct-2017Patent injunction and the public interest in IndiaBharadwaj, Ashish
24-Aug-2018The path to excellenceBharadwaj, Ashish; Kumar, C. Raj
30-Jun-2018Pharma pricing: Trade margin rationalization a game changerBharadwaj, Ashish; Bhushan, Shruti
Sep-2018Philips v Bansal and Bhagirathi Electronics: India’s first decision on the infringement of a standard essential patentBharadwaj, Ashish; Jain, Srajan
2016Phones that are too smart for the lawBharadwaj, Ashish; Gupta, Indranath
Feb-2016Psychology of innovation: Innovating human psychologyBharadwaj, Ashish; Manasi, Kumar; Jindal Global Law School
22-Nov-2017Regulating NGOs and foreign influence in India and ChinaBharadwaj, Ashish; Mandal, Saptarshi